Ishawna is the most controversial female artist in Jamaica up to date. Why? It's because of her latest hit song called "Equal Rights", a song promoting oral sex.

Ofcourse, oral sex has now become more a prominent part of most Jamaicans sex lives long before the song was released, to the point where almost every male Dancehall artist sing about getting head from a girl. But she was the first FEMALE to ever sing about getting head from a man.

This was something big since back in the 90's Jamaican men usually shun that kind activity up until the 2010. So ofcourse she received countless backlash from some men, but none the less, she was praised for the catchy song.
Her phat a$$ and outstanding beauty once made her the prettiest in dancehall but was later dethroned by uprising Artist, SHENSEEA. But none the less, her beauty is still something to reckon.

Videos of her performing her hit song "Equal Rights", one in which she literally put semi-twerk in a male fan face infront of a large crowd of cheering audience.

She is sexy, I know. How much would you pay to hit that?

I know many you wish you were hit at that moment. But despite all the rivalry in dancehall, she and SHENSEEA are still friends.



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