This girl, Lorraine <surname unknown>, face have been showing all over many social media networks, Facebook and Instagram mostly, that have caught many attention because of her pretty freckled face, brown eyes and luscious pink lips.

The thick 23yo from California is truly a walking dream come through for many men, other than her captivating personality, her outer beauty is something to talk about. She is blessed with multiple physiques, such as with phat pu**y, phat a$$, and a nice thigh gap. [see media below]

As you can see from above, she's blessed with a phat cat, but below you'll see that she also has junk in her trunk.

With a body like that, then there's no question that she's hotter than the sun in a bikini.

Like wow, she is beyond sexy. Calling her beautiful would do her no justice. But for now, I can only give her a 10/10 on the beauty scale.

Watch the video below of her exercising and tell how much you give a thick sexy beauty like her.


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