Kayla Ramsay, of Montego Bay, St.James, Jamaica has claim the title of the number one stripper in the island. It was a only a few years ago she came in the spotlight after media outlets did an article on her about selling used panties at an esteemed priced.

The exotic female, who's codename was Coco Dechick, or also known by many of her fans as "K_High_lah", made a profit from selling the used panties, and even up to date, men are still supporting her via her website where she post pictures and videos frequently.

This sexy seductive exotic female being is true a head turn, and has the ability to "raise your d**k" from the dead with little or no effort. So would you pay her for a private dance or for something more? I know I would pay for more than just a one night stand, because judging from her pictures and videos, it's obvious that I'd be getting way more than my money's worth. Cause she is gifted with a phat a$$ and a decent camel toe.


I don't know about the rest of the world, but I'm adding her to the top my hit list. Someone I have to make ride my roller-coaster.

PlEASE NOTE: Wordads TOS prevents us from posting any explicit content. Please click the link above to see the rest of her pictures and videos.


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