Jessica Henry, St.Andrew, Jamaica is of age 20, who is about to start nursing school.

This young miss got the body of a goddess, big boobs, hour glass shape and curves, big booty, and a very phat Kitty.


Most of her pictures don’t even do her justice. But whether she’s in a shorts, yoga pants or jeans pants, that God bless gift can’t hide.

But the reason why she’s crowned star of the week is because she sells pictures, though the price are a bit high, they are worth it. But if you want more than pictures, she’s kind enough to give you, just make sure you have a fat bank account.

Yes, I know, she is a teaser on all of her social media account, Facebook Instagram and Snapchat, which all seems to have been deactivated. But manage to get a few pictures from her snap before being deactivated though. (See below)

We couldn’t risk the chance of being blocked so we had to use another phone to take the picture. So forgive us for the bad quality.


If we by get ahold of any more pictures and video of her by God’s grace, we will notify you, via a Facebook/Instagram/twitter post with a link below this article connecting both.

Until then, thank you for reading.



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