Long before thoughts of creating the Facebook page, “Beautiful Woman Around the world” and even a longer time before creating this website, there were a few number of women that I use to fantasize about like every day and night. This lady, is one of them.

Unfortunately I forgot her name, and age but I do remember she being from London.

She has the habit of taking pictures in her undies for all her followers and friends on Facebook to see.

She even use to post video of her twerking and clapping them cheeks, but as I mentioned earlier, I forgot her name and social media account.

So if anyone has that information, please write it in the comment box on Facebook/Instagram. So this goes without saying that these pictures are old.

So it’s quite possible that she might’ve take better and more enticing pictures that a lot of people would like to lay their eyes on, including myself.

So if you know her name of social media name, please share it, you’d be our hero.

This sexy mama have a phat kitty and a phat a$$ that could shake the world when twerking. I don’t have her videos, but I manage to take some screen shots of her videos from back in the past. (See below.)


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