Rissa [surname unknow] is of Ohio, age 21yr old. No question if she is beautiful and but the thing that makes her star of the day is that perfectly fine thick seductive a$$ and thighs of hers.

I mean having a fat a$$ is one thing, any girl can have that but only a few can really be blessed with such a fine ass. Either she squatting real hard or that be work some black magic right there <Lol>

On an unbiased stance, I’ve seen many great a$$/thighs but her’s is definitely in the top 5 best. Maybe Its just me, but if anyone else feels the strong urge to *fap* just by looking at her ‘assets’, then you and I are in the same boat my brother.

So without further-a-do, please give it up for “Rissa2Cute” (IG username) from Ohio. She is definitely on my top 100 hit list…..And by hit, I mean s*x <wink>.


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