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Category: Jamaica

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Who is this chick? [[Pictures]]

Ashakeira Livingston of Portmore, St.Catherine, Jamaica is a pretty face slim body chick with lisp tongue. She’s a self proclaimed independent young adult seeking to open her own business. She loves partying and liquor, especially especially beaches. Despite her slim body, she’s a fashion freak with nice curves, camel toe and a ‘slim-thick’ ass. Ofcourse many men are trying to […]


Man send nude pictures and sex video To Ex-Boss [[media]]

A young mid 20yo man by the initial, N.H, was recently fired from his job from working at a hardware store. He said for the pass months he and his boss wasn’t seeing eye to eye. After making a complaint to the owner of the hardware store about the incompetent and negligent running of the business under the supervision of […]


Girl ass get lit on fire while twerking [[Video]]

In a Jamaican party, a girl was letting loose on a table twerking her phat a$$, it was all going nice, until one man pour alcohol on her a$$ instead of water. Another man saw this as and decided to help blaze up the place, by setting her twerking a$$ on fire, literally. SEE VIDEO BELOW

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The #1 Stripper in Jamaica! [[Media]]

Kayla Ramsay, of Montego Bay, St.James, Jamaica has claim the title of the number one stripper in the island. It was a only a few years ago she came in the spotlight after media outlets did an article on her about selling used panties at an esteemed priced. The exotic female, who's codename was Coco Dechick, or also known by […]

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The 2nd Prettiest Female Jamaican Artist! [[Media]]

Ishawna is the most controversial female artist in Jamaica up to date. Why? It's because of her latest hit song called "Equal Rights", a song promoting oral sex. Ofcourse, oral sex has now become more a prominent part of most Jamaicans sex lives long before the song was released, to the point where almost every male Dancehall artist sing about […]

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Jamaican girls exposed their p***y at party! [[pictures]]

If you ever been to Jamaica, then you know that The country is well known for it dancehall atmosphere. Every day there’s atleast 5 party going on, which means there’s atleast 5 girls exposing there private parts to a camera man. This act have been going on for decades in a desperate attempt to get 5mins of fame and attention. […]

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19 year girl getting big bucks from her Sugar daddy, but have never given up the “coochie” [[VIDEO]]…do you think he’s an idiot?

Most girls these days are seeking a sugar daddy. But is there a sugar daddy that don't want any sugar? Well, 19 year old, Crystal Williams have proven that there are. In the video below she described her 3years long relationship with her 40+ year old lover as one that is completely one sided. The man has spent thousands of […]