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Man send nude pictures and sex video To Ex-Boss [[media]]

A young mid 20yo man by the initial, N.H, was recently fired from his job from working at a hardware store. He said for the pass months he and his boss wasn’t seeing eye to eye. After making a complaint to the owner of the hardware store about the incompetent and negligent running of the business under the supervision of […]


Man knocked woman out with a chair…Ouch! [[video]]

A parting couple seems to be having problems parting. The woman seems to be giving the man a hard time at the eating establishment as she tries to approach him multiple times with a weapon in her hand. Some people tries to stop them from getting all up in eachother’s face, but the girl kept pushing it. Until the guy […]

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Stripper showdown! 2 strippers. 1 bleeding!

Every men love a good stripper that knows how to twerk that ass… well most men that is. Likewise most people loves a good fight. It's quite a rare sight to see two (2) strippers in the dress room go at each other. We recently got hands on a video of two girls who appeared to be strippers fighting in […]

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The #1 Stripper in Jamaica! [[Media]]

Kayla Ramsay, of Montego Bay, St.James, Jamaica has claim the title of the number one stripper in the island. It was a only a few years ago she came in the spotlight after media outlets did an article on her about selling used panties at an esteemed priced. The exotic female, who's codename was Coco Dechick, or also known by […]

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Ofcourse there’s no greater sense of pride than knowing that you’re a pro at making women climax whether it be via finger(s), mouth or your penis. But Have you ever wonder what’s happening inside a female while she’s about to cum? Well your question is about to be answered, this video explains everything in detail about a female organism. SEE […]

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The 2nd Prettiest Female Jamaican Artist! [[Media]]

Ishawna is the most controversial female artist in Jamaica up to date. Why? It's because of her latest hit song called "Equal Rights", a song promoting oral sex. Ofcourse, oral sex has now become more a prominent part of most Jamaicans sex lives long before the song was released, to the point where almost every male Dancehall artist sing about […]

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The prettiest Female Jamaican Artist [[MEDIA]]

Shenseea, born on October 1, 1996 is a Jamaican born female who got into the spotlight late December of 2016 after her hit song, "Loodi" featuring, Jamaica's top dancehall artist, Vybz Kartel [incarcerated] aired. She was not only praised for the song, but her beauty plays a role in her growing fan base. They've now crowned her as the prettiest […]

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Benefits of having sex!

Did you know that you could tell from the skin whether a person is sexually active or not? 1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific, tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. […]

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Funny…Man can’t get hard when cheating woman decided to give him a piece in the bushes while his friends record [[Video]]

These Brazilian couples decide to take their love making activities out where the birds and all other wildlife can see; yes a forest. But when it was time for action, the man had difficulty getting hard. Before the girl ran out of patiences, she tried giving handjobs and blowjobs but was futile.  SEE VIDEO HERE! PLEASE NOTE: Wordads TOS prevent […]

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Girl suck 2cm d*ck! [[video]]

I’ve seen a lot of crazy oral sex videos/pictures before but this one tops the chart. I’m completely lost with words and filled with gut busting laughter as I watched this 7sec video (below) of a girl sucking a 2cm dick. My judgement maybe wrong, but the length of that thing can’t be no more that 4cm long. I’m surprised that […]