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Category: Thot of the week

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Thot of the Week #1 !!!

On this week, the winner of our weekly "Thot of the Week", is a Jamaican Borned ebony. Her real name is unknown, but her social media is 'Nicky'. This girl got all the men on her Instagram followers list hard with her slim waist, big breast and phat ass, Not to mention that camel toe #Phat, oh and she's all real…nothing […]

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19 year girl getting big bucks from her Sugar daddy, but have never given up the “coochie” [[VIDEO]]…do you think he’s an idiot?

Most girls these days are seeking a sugar daddy. But is there a sugar daddy that don't want any sugar? Well, 19 year old, Crystal Williams have proven that there are. In the video below she described her 3years long relationship with her 40+ year old lover as one that is completely one sided. The man has spent thousands of […]