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Man send nude pictures and sex video To Ex-Boss [[media]]

A young mid 20yo man by the initial, N.H, was recently fired from his job from working at a hardware store. He said for the pass months he and his boss wasn’t seeing eye to eye. After making a complaint to the owner of the hardware store about the incompetent and negligent running of the business under the supervision of […]


Man knocked woman out with a chair…Ouch! [[video]]

A parting couple seems to be having problems parting. The woman seems to be giving the man a hard time at the eating establishment as she tries to approach him multiple times with a weapon in her hand. Some people tries to stop them from getting all up in eachother’s face, but the girl kept pushing it. Until the guy […]


Girl ass get lit on fire while twerking [[Video]]

In a Jamaican party, a girl was letting loose on a table twerking her phat a$$, it was all going nice, until one man pour alcohol on her a$$ instead of water. Another man saw this as and decided to help blaze up the place, by setting her twerking a$$ on fire, literally. SEE VIDEO BELOW

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Fake Booty failed. [[video]]

A video capture a girl twerking at a carnival. But the unusual thing was not the video, but something about the girl. I’m sure you’ve seen many failed butt implants, but this one will top your chart I guarantee. This girls butt cheeks are all over the place. Starting to wonder if she really know about the disaster happening behind […]


BBW dance and almost killed her self ! [VIDEO]

A big booty woman was on stage dancing infront of a crowd for the sake of winning a dancing competition. From what it seems, she was winning until a sudden turn of event, where she failed to bend over; attempting to do so, she end up rolling over and almost off the stage knocking over a tent with many people. […]

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Girl strip naked to fight and get beaten up! [video]

A girl strips naked down to her panty to fight another black girl. After seeing that she got a nice phat cat, I was cheering her on, only to realize that I was cheering for the losing side. He end up getting the holy sh*t beaten out of her. Even though I bet my money and lost, it’s a pleasure […]

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The #1 Stripper in Jamaica! [[Media]]

Kayla Ramsay, of Montego Bay, St.James, Jamaica has claim the title of the number one stripper in the island. It was a only a few years ago she came in the spotlight after media outlets did an article on her about selling used panties at an esteemed priced. The exotic female, who's codename was Coco Dechick, or also known by […]

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Ofcourse there’s no greater sense of pride than knowing that you’re a pro at making women climax whether it be via finger(s), mouth or your penis. But Have you ever wonder what’s happening inside a female while she’s about to cum? Well your question is about to be answered, this video explains everything in detail about a female organism. SEE […]

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The 2nd Prettiest Female Jamaican Artist! [[Media]]

Ishawna is the most controversial female artist in Jamaica up to date. Why? It's because of her latest hit song called "Equal Rights", a song promoting oral sex. Ofcourse, oral sex has now become more a prominent part of most Jamaicans sex lives long before the song was released, to the point where almost every male Dancehall artist sing about […]

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The prettiest Female Jamaican Artist [[MEDIA]]

Shenseea, born on October 1, 1996 is a Jamaican born female who got into the spotlight late December of 2016 after her hit song, "Loodi" featuring, Jamaica's top dancehall artist, Vybz Kartel [incarcerated] aired. She was not only praised for the song, but her beauty plays a role in her growing fan base. They've now crowned her as the prettiest […]

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Who is this chick? …..[[Media]]

This girl, Lorraine <surname unknown>, face have been showing all over many social media networks, Facebook and Instagram mostly, that have caught many attention because of her pretty freckled face, brown eyes and luscious pink lips. The thick 23yo from California is truly a walking dream come through for many men, other than her captivating personality, her outer beauty is […]

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Girl spin like a fan to give Blowjob!! [[VIDEO]] ….wow!!

This girl decided that she wanted to please her man like no other girl ever did. She gives him a blowjob, but in an unusual fashion, hanging from the ceiling, the girl spins clockwise and anti-clockwise with the d**k in her mouth in a truly astonishing video below SEE VIDEO HERE! In my class, She gets an "A++" for creativity. […]

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Insta-star of the week #2!

This week's "Thot of the Week" was claimed by IG user "irenethedreamback". Other than the classy lifestyle, her hourglass body shape, and cute face, she has a unique personality that makes people attracted to her. Her Instagram page says it all, as she have over 2m followers. If you wanna see how she got that many, then click the link […]

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Thot of the Week #1 !!!

On this week, the winner of our weekly "Thot of the Week", is a Jamaican Borned ebony. Her real name is unknown, but her social media is 'Nicky'. This girl got all the men on her Instagram followers list hard with her slim waist, big breast and phat ass, Not to mention that camel toe #Phat, oh and she's all real…nothing […]