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Bikini Collection Pt. 2

Out of the hundreds of pictures we received, one set in particular, which is one of my favorite, is the Bikini set. Below is a link that shows the top ten best bikini pictures so far. The pictures were ranked:1. the quality of the picture2. the body of the girl3. the backgroundAnd all sums up how enticing the overall picture […]

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Girl spin like a fan to give Blowjob!! [[VIDEO]] ….wow!!

This girl decided that she wanted to please her man like no other girl ever did. She gives him a blowjob, but in an unusual fashion, hanging from the ceiling, the girl spins clockwise and anti-clockwise with the d**k in her mouth in a truly astonishing video below SEE VIDEO HERE! In my class, She gets an "A++" for creativity. […]

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Bikini Collection 1… [[pictures]]

We've received hundreds of pictures, one set in particular, which is one of my favorite, is the Bikini set. Below is a link that shows the top ten best bikini pictures so far. The pictures were ranked due to the quality of the picture, the body of the girl, the background, & ofcourse how enticing the overall picture is.Please enjoy […]

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Camel toe collection #1

We have gathered a list of some nice decent camel toes that can get your hard on. We arrange these pictures in order, ranking from the least, to the best. In ranking the pictures, we took in consideration the:>Quality of the pictures,>The angel from which the pic was taken>The phatness of the toe>The enticement from the picture Please see the […]

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Insta-star of the week #2!

This week's "Thot of the Week" was claimed by IG user "irenethedreamback". Other than the classy lifestyle, her hourglass body shape, and cute face, she has a unique personality that makes people attracted to her. Her Instagram page says it all, as she have over 2m followers. If you wanna see how she got that many, then click the link […]

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Thot of the Week #1 !!!

On this week, the winner of our weekly "Thot of the Week", is a Jamaican Borned ebony. Her real name is unknown, but her social media is 'Nicky'. This girl got all the men on her Instagram followers list hard with her slim waist, big breast and phat ass, Not to mention that camel toe #Phat, oh and she's all real…nothing […]

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Benefits of having sex!

Did you know that you could tell from the skin whether a person is sexually active or not? 1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific, tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. […]

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Jamaican girls exposed their p***y at party! [[pictures]]

If you ever been to Jamaica, then you know that The country is well known for it dancehall atmosphere. Every day there’s atleast 5 party going on, which means there’s atleast 5 girls exposing there private parts to a camera man. This act have been going on for decades in a desperate attempt to get 5mins of fame and attention. […]

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Man with No legs having Sex [[VIDEO]]

Often we see people with missing limbs doing tasks that the average abled body human would describe as straining, or time consuming! But of all these posts that I’ve seen in my life, this one was the most shocking. A man with no legs stroking hard like rabbits mating.   It’s hard not to laugh, but I’m surprised at the […]

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Funny…Man can’t get hard when cheating woman decided to give him a piece in the bushes while his friends record [[Video]]

These Brazilian couples decide to take their love making activities out where the birds and all other wildlife can see; yes a forest. But when it was time for action, the man had difficulty getting hard. Before the girl ran out of patiences, she tried giving handjobs and blowjobs but was futile.  SEE VIDEO HERE! PLEASE NOTE: Wordads TOS prevent […]

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Girl suck 2cm d*ck! [[video]]

I’ve seen a lot of crazy oral sex videos/pictures before but this one tops the chart. I’m completely lost with words and filled with gut busting laughter as I watched this 7sec video (below) of a girl sucking a 2cm dick. My judgement maybe wrong, but the length of that thing can’t be no more that 4cm long. I’m surprised that […]

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19 year girl getting big bucks from her Sugar daddy, but have never given up the “coochie” [[VIDEO]]…do you think he’s an idiot?

Most girls these days are seeking a sugar daddy. But is there a sugar daddy that don't want any sugar? Well, 19 year old, Crystal Williams have proven that there are. In the video below she described her 3years long relationship with her 40+ year old lover as one that is completely one sided. The man has spent thousands of […]